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Lancia Beta




Longer ratio 5th gear conversion

5e plus longue

Gear set for all Lancia Beta models (including Scorpion and Montecarlo). Reduces engine rpm by 700 for much quieter running, 15% less fuel and less wear.


Conversion pour toutes les Beta (y compris Scorpion et Montecarlo). Baisse de 700 tours du régime moteur: plus silencieux, 15% d'économie d'essence et moins d'usure moteur. FACILE À INSTALLER!

Info: Lancia 5th Gear





What could happen to the camshaft and tappets if you run with "modern" oil with no ZDDP

Voici ce qui les huiles "modernes" sans DPPZ pourraient faire à l'arbre à cames et aux poussoirs.



GOOD - Notice the flat surface of the tappet and the "pointy" cam

BON ÉTAT - La surface du pousspoir est plate et la came est bien pointue.









BAD - The tappet surface is concave and the cam is seriously "rounded".


USÉ - La surface du poussoir est concave et la came est sérieusement arrondie.








The most commonly used anti-wear additive in motor oil is zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP). ZDDP contains both zinc and phosphorus components working together to provide anti-wear protection, and is most important during cam “break-in” procedures. Modern oils DO NOT contain any ZDDP which is harmful for catalytic converters.

According to the literature and expert opinion, older engines (notably those those running flat tappets) MUST USE oil with at least 1,200 ppm (parts per million) of ZDDP.

Also, when breaking-in a newly rebuilt older engine, it is imperative to protect the cams and tappets by adding break-in oil additive, such as Lucas Zinc-Plus (no 10630) and to run the engine for an hour or so at 2,500-3,000 rpm and not at idle. Keep and eye on oil pressure and engine temperature and, if necessary, run water from a hose over the radiator to avoid overheating.


The oils listed below are available in Canada. YACCO, made a renowned French oil producer, can be ordered from the Canadian representative.

Les huiles énumérées ci-dessous sont disponibles au Canada. Les huiles YACCO, un important producteur français, peuvent être commandées auprès du représentant canadien.



                                                                                     (in ppm, parts per million) or 1-800-777-7094

Dominator® 15W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil (RD50)       1,424 (phosphorus) 1,575 (Zinc)

GT Performance Racing Motor Oil SAE 25W-50                            1,900 or 514-246-4648

GALAXIE - SAE 15W-50                                                          1,500

GALAXIE GT – SAE 10W-60                                                     1,600



Lucas Racing Only Oil 20W-50                                                  3,132